Ted Estes

Glen Ellyn District 41

School Board Candidate


My Goals and Approaches...

Promote a culture of excellence in education

  • Provide for flexible and forward-thinking academic programs to prepare students for college and career in the 21st century

  • Support access and inclusion

  • Endorse the 4 Cs – creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration

  • Encourage programs to build strong characters in addition to strong minds

  • Celebrate strengths and successes in the district and among students and teachers

Ensure decisions are supported by evidence and expertise

  • Analyze all available data supporting recommendations

  • Consider all evidence when making decisions

  • Respect expertise and challenge when necessary

Improve board dynamics and restore credibility of Board of Education

  • Insist on civility and respect in board discussions, relationship to administration, and responses to the public

  • Strive to reach consensus and resolve strong differences of opinion

  • Develop collaborative working relationship with the administration

  • Improve community engagement and partnerships

  • Solicit community feedback and factor into decision-making

Protect taxpayer investment in education

  • Strive to hit the “sweet spot” in school funding levels

  • Safeguard district’s financial health to maintain educational excellence and maximize district’s future flexibility

  • Recognize the connection between strong schools and strong home values, to serve taxpayers both with and without children in the district