Ted Estes

Glen Ellyn District 41

School Board Candidate


I am proud of the work our school board has accomplished while I have been a member. Here is some of the impact that we have made.

Continued Academic Excellence

  • 4 exemplary, 1 commendable school

  • DuPage Middle School Principal of the Year

  • Top 10% academically

  • PreK Program achieved Gold status

  • HumaneX school survey results were exceptional

Added Student Support Services

  • Increased staffing for special education instruction

  • Added administrative support for student services

  • Added a social worker to the district staff

  • Piloted and implemented new classroom tech

  • Approved upgrading the district’s tech department

Supported staff

  • Joined AASA Learning 2025

  • Approved a new teacher contract

  • Approved a new superintendent contract

Prioritized Health and safety of our students and their families

  • Approved hiring a district lead nurse to oversee student health

  • Using expert consultants on different topics

  • Brought in a crisis/threat intervention specialist

  • Increased district response effectiveness to threats of student safety

  • Worked with local law enforcement to keep students, staff and parents safe while attending school and district functions

  • Adopted an online mental health service for students

  • Applied for and was awarded a $250k grant for mental health services

  • Partnered with Village Board to present seminar on school shootings

Continued building skills as a board

  • Invested in PD on board leadership

  • Invested in school-level culture and climate

  • Participated in school governance PD/trainings

  • Approved rules for running effective and respectful board business meetings

  • Awarded IASB School Board Governance Recognition for the first time in 2019. Renewed in 2021. (Recognition is for a 2-year period.)

Advocated for education policy with federal and state representatives

Adopted a new strategic plan

  • Approved a new DEI committee and an equity initiative

  • Adopted and participated in an expanded board community engagement plan

  • A very diverse and robust district communication program

Continued to try to resolve space issues

  • Bought land so the district can build and expand programming

  • Put forth a comprehensive plan for addressing school space and the education need to provide FDK and expand PreK